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In-Depth Instructions for Working with Bobo Balloons and Your Bloonsy Stuffer

As you start using our Bloonsy Bobo balloons, we know it can be frustrating if issues arise. Rest assured that these problems typically occur because the balloons weren't handled properly or some key steps were skipped in the stuffing process. These hiccups are common for beginners. It's almost always a case of human error or not using the equipment correctly.  But don't worry, we have simple solutions to each problem, and by following our step-by-step instructions, you'll find the process much easier.

Below you can see the most common issues and easy solutions that you can encounter while stuffing Bobo Balloons with your Bloonsy Balloon Stuffing Machine:

  • Tearing at the seams: This usually happens if the neck of the Bobo balloon isn't folded, the neck isn't pre-stretched, or it's overstretched with an expander tool or by hands.
  • Popping while inflating: This is often because the body of the Bobo balloon wasn't pre-stretched before being attached to the Bloonsy machine.
  • Deflating before being secured: This can occur if there's not enough vacuum in the Bloonsy machine.
  • Deflating after being secured: This happens when the Bobo balloon isn't tied properly, allowing air to escape slowly.

To help prevent these issues, following these simple key steps will ensure success and make your balloon-stuffing experience enjoyable and seamless:

Preparing Bobo Balloon to be stuffed.

To get your Bobo balloon ready for use with the Bloonsy Stuffer, make sure to follow these preparation steps carefully. Proper preparation is key to making the process easy and effective.

  1. Pre-stretch the Neck:
  • Stretch the neck of the balloon thoroughly in all directions
    • Left and Right: Hold the neck and pull it sideways to stretch it.
    • Top and Bottom: Pull the neck vertically to stretch it.
  • Important: Use as much force as possible. It is essential to stretch the neck fully, you cannot overdo this step.
  1. Pre-stretch the Body:
  • After the neck, stretch the body of the balloon in all directions:
  • Side to Side: Hold the body and pull it sideways.
  • Top to Bottom: Pull the body vertically.
This step is crucial to prevent the balloon from popping while it is being expanded inside the machine.
  1. Pre-fold the Neck before expanding it with Expander Tool:
  • Open the neck by carefully separating the sides.
  • Fold approximately one inch of the top of the neck onward.
  • This folding step reinforces the neck, making it more durable and ensuring it fits securely onto the machine's mouth.

 By carefully following these steps and making sure not to miss any of them, you can ensure that the Bobo balloon is properly prepared for inflation, minimizing the chances of it tearing or popping.

Deflating before being secured (tied)

If you're encountering an issue where the balloon starts deflating right after you've finished stuffing it and you're trying to detach it from the Bloonsy machine, don't worry, this almost always occurs if there's not enough vacuum in the Bloonsy machine (usually caused by moving Bobo balloon during stuffing process). And very easy solution to this issue is to:

Reconnect electric pump after stuffing: Once you've finished stuffing your Bobo balloon inside the machine, reconnect the electric pump and turn it on for another 5-6 seconds before detaching it from the machine's mouth. This will ensure the balloon doesn't start rapidly deflating as you remove it from the machine's knobs.

Deflating after being completed and secured (tied)

If your balloon deflates after you've completed stuffing and tying it, it's probably because the Bobo balloon wasn't tied and sealed correctly, which can cause air to slowly leak out. Properly tied Bobo balloons can stay inflated for months. To solve this problem, we found that a Clear Fishing Line is the ideal choice. This line is strong, nearly invisible, and very easy to handle. It ensures your balloons are tightly secured without compromising their look.

I also warmly invite you to re-watch our instructional video that focuses on utilizing our Bloonsy machine with Bobo balloons. This guide is designed to help you navigate through the trickier aspects of balloon stuffing and achieve flawless results every time.

Key Moments to Watch For:

  1.  Pre-folding the Bobo Balloons' Neck (0:35-0:46 in the video). A preliminary fold helps in setting the stage for a perfect mount!
  2. Stretching the Folded Neck (0:46-0:55 in the video). Stretching with both hands ensures an optimal fit on the hooks!
  3. Securing the Balloon on the Hook (1:05-1:18 in the video). Making sure each balloon is firmly affixed prevents any premature escapes!
  4. After balloon seems fully inflated, let the pump do its magic for an extra 3-5 seconds (2:30-2:35 in the video) It's a simple step, but it makes a big difference in keeping your balloon nice and firm!

We hope this detailed guide has provided you with the confidence and know-how to tackle any challenges you might face while working with Bobo balloons and your Bloonsy Stuffer. Remember, every expert was once a beginner, and with a bit of practice, you’ll be creating stunning balloon displays in no time. If you need further assistance or have further questions, our support team is always here to help. Happy balloon stuffing, and thank you for choosing Bloonsy!